Did you miss a favorite?

If you miss a favorite artisan or food vendor at the market because you're on vacation or have another commitment (we realize this happens to even our most loyal shoppers), don't fret. Most of our farmers and craftspeople sell online or in a nearby farm store. Check links on our Artisans and Vendors pages for … Continue reading Did you miss a favorite?

A market treasure trove…

More delicious vegetables are coming our way each week! Shoppers, artisans, farmers, musicians, and specialty food makers were out in force yesterday morning despite the drizzle. When you're done marketing try a relaxing bath with artisan-made soaps and wellness products!

Gifts for you

Are you wondering when your favorite artists and craftspeople will be at the Market this summer? Looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself? Check out the Artisans page for a just-published list of who will be at the Market and when. Choose from handmade soaps, cosmetics and wellness products, scented candles or … Continue reading Gifts for you

We’re Back!

The Market is back and in full swing. We welcomed a record number of visitors and vendors on opening day. Some snapshots, clockwise from top right: Getting ready for shoppers; Brigham Farm sets up bedding plants and veggies; Market Maven Carol Leary (in the orange apron) talks with shoppers, Jennifer and her delightful handmade soaps … Continue reading We’re Back!