Want to know which Artisans will be at the Market on which dates? Take a look at the list below. If you can’t make it on the day your favorite(s) are selling in Maynard, please visit their Etsy Shops or websites. Thank you for shopping our unique, handmade artisan gifts–treat yourself or a friend!

Nathalie Boily, gift soaps and wellness oils: July 24

Malcolm Bryant, handmade, sustainable candles: Sept. 11

Stacy Buchanan / EssBee Soaps, sustainable gift soaps: Aug. 7 and 28, Sept. 18

Anya Cervantes, jade jewelry: July 17 and August 7

Everything Alpaca, alpaca clothing and accessories. August 14 and Sept. 25

Karen Fintonis, Brookfield Candle Co., custom scented candles July 24 and Sept.18

Jennifer’s Handmade Soaps, handmade soap and bath products: July 17 and Sept. 4

Grace Martin, As I See It art cards: August 28 and Sept. 11

Sarah Priante-Fitts, FoundSourceKnown, natural skin care and bath: July 31 and Aug. 14

Traci of True Happiness Designs, handmade jewelry: Sept. 25

EssBee Soaps

At right: Handmade soaps from Stacy Buchanan and EssBee Soaps.

Below: Malcolm Bryant’s handmade candles use sustainably sourced waxes.

Malcolm Bryant candles

Nathalie Boily returns with her themed gift boxes and more handmade soap, jewelry, and wellness products (see below).

Welcome new artisan Sarah Priante-Fitts of FoundSourceKnown selling sustainable wellness products!

Welcome new vendor Traci of TrueHappinessDesigns selling sterling silver and gemstone jewelry!

And a big welcome to Grace Martin, whose handmade cards are also available on Etsy!